Onitsuka Tiger and My Sneakers Love Affair

There’s a reason why I’m not a fashion blogger. For one, I’m not exactly adventurous with my choice of shoes and clothes. I’m all for casual, chill, laid back; anything that would allow me to move freely without worrying about wardrobe malfunction.  If I were to summarize my personal style, it can be downsized into three things – plain tees, tattered shorts and sneakers (or flip f (Continue Reading...)

New Hair Color, New Kicks, New ME!

Ever since 2010, I made a vow to not make any new year’s resolution, in order to simply save myself from the humiliation of not having to stick with them throughout the year. I wanted my life to be spontaneous and to allow myself to be who I am through and through. I did the same for 2012. But if there’s one thing I’m certain  I want to happen, that would be to create great changes in my life (Continue Reading...)
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