L’Oreal True Match Natural Finish Liquid Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Natural Finish Foundation
In my opinion, L’oreal makes some of the best drugstore foundations on the market today. They have different variants catered for different skin types, with a wide range of shades selection to boot. Take the L’Oreal True Match Natural Finish Foundation for example. There are 11 shades available here in the Philippines, which is more than enough to cater to different Filipina skin tones. It does have a g (Continue Reading...)

5 Product Makeup for Everyday

I love makeup with passion. It’s the creative person in me that finds joy in playing with all kinds of colors and crafting something beautiful out of it. But while I love putting make up on, most of the time, I just keep things minimal but still polished . Less is more as they say. Sometimes, it’s better to keep things simple and surprise yourself with a wonderful outcome. Here’s my basic 5 (Continue Reading...)

Unboxing: March Summer Glam BDJ Box

Hi ladies, how’s your Monday so far? Mine’s pretty wrecked. I had a series of misfortunes through out the day, which got me really cranky. It’s probably my hormones. But anyway, I ended my day with a cup of sinful coffee indulgence. It was against my will since I don’t drink coffee anymore. Good thing the coffee tasted really great that I totally forgot about my bad day. Time to move on.&nbs (Continue Reading...)
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