A Closer Look at the L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Blush Palettes

Two years ago, I absolutely have no interest in face contouring. To me, it was just another time-consuming step in my rather simple makeup routine. Well that was until I got hold of the Etude House Face Color Corset bronzing powder. It was like a light bulb moment, and since then, I could no longer leave the house without contouring my face. Contour powders are now a staple in my kit and I’ve amassed quite a (Continue Reading...)

L.A. Girl/L.A Colors Cosmetics: Are There Fake Ones?

This goes out to all beauty bloggers out there. A few months ago, I blogged about how my fascination over lipsticks started. I mentioned about this particular brand that was only available at NCCC Mall of Davao. The name is L.A Girl. I currently own two Luxury Creme Lip Color lippies; one in  Amour and the other one is Devoted. I got them for only 85php. (Image belongs to its rightful owner) Last week, a fr (Continue Reading...)

Day 18: Let’s talk Lipstick

It was only very recently that I discovered my fascination on lipsticks. I may have carried a tube or two, but I really couldn’t care less, and yes, I don’t even own them. it’s either my sister gave it to me, or I stole it from my mom’s make-up kit. But as I have said, just recently, I discovered that I have this thing for lipsticks. It started when I was strolling around the mall one day lo (Continue Reading...)
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