ATBJ Gives: A Few of My Favorite Things (CLOSED)

I received a total of 1,274 entries. The winner is…   ************************************************************************************** I mentioned in this post that I recently purged and decluttered my makeup collection. While going through my stuff, I realized I have a few brand new and untouched products sitting in my stash. These products are either 1.) not my shade match or 2.) reserved item (Continue Reading...)

Giveaway Alert: Tribute Shoes x As Told By Julz

“A girl can never have too many shoes”, so says a famous quote with some sense of truth in it. Who doesn’t love a pretty pair of salmon-colored flats? Or a flattering nude pumps? Or a head-turner electric blue wedges? Aside from the fact that women, in general, are attracted to all things nice and pretty, this ordeal will always remain a mystery, at least for me. It doesn’t matter anyway. We (Continue Reading...)

And the Winner is….

Your little Santa is excited to announce the winner of her holiday giveaway. There were 37 lovely ladies who participated, resulting to a total of 208 entries. I am pleased to announce that the lady who will receive a bundle of Beauty and Skincare products this Christmas is… Congratulations Arra Morta! Aside from the products previously mentioned, you will also be receiving these: Samplers fro (Continue Reading...)
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