Review: Avon Simply Pretty Wishful Present Colorbliss Lipstick in Wine Plum

I have a soft spot for Avon simply because it’s the first makeup brand (lip balm) that I’ve owned way back my freshmen years in High School. I had a lot of fond memories with this brand, simply because back then, having that lip balm made me invincible. Whenever I whip it out, my classmates would always borrow it from me, to which I happily obliged. I was only 12 years old then. Who cares about hygiene? (Continue Reading...)

Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich Over Nature Lipstick in Orchid Fantasy

I’ve been on a self-imposed makeup shopping ban for almost three months now, because really, I think I’ve accumulated more than what I need, considering that my daily routine does not always include putting makeup on. It’s pretty easy to take control of the urge, especially when you’re a newlywed like me whose interest has magnificently shifted from buying girly stuff to kitchen stuff! But t (Continue Reading...)

Review: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich in Juicy Pomegranate

You probably know by now that Avon lipsticks are among the most well-loved lip products because of their amazing quality and affordability. I have quite a few Avon lippies in my stash and I absolutely love all of them. One of my latest purchases is this Avon Ultramoisture Rich Lipstick in Juicy Pomegranate. I’ve actually gotten this a few months ago but I haven’t worn it out that much.  On th (Continue Reading...)

Review: Avon Simply Pretty Marbelized Eye Shadow Stick in Cafe Latte

I have quite a few things on my plate today, too much that I don’t even know where to start and how to sort  things out. I’m already on the verge of having migraine. But nah, I’m not going to let this mid-week toxicity get the better off me. So before I turn to nerd mode, let me quickly share my thoughts on  Avon Simply Pretty Marbelized Eye Shadow Stick in Cafe Latte. IR (Continue Reading...)
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