Watercolor Lettering Workshop with April San Pedro and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I had to wake up early last Saturday to attend The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2015 Holiday Launch. Normally, I would just stay in bed the entire Saturday morning watching Suits or Sex and the City, flipping through a few chapters of my current read, maybe practicing some guitar drills, or simply soaking myself in doing absolutely nothing.ย This time though, I was excited to get up because 1.) I get to have brunch wit (Continue Reading...)

Manicure Mondays: Ghostly

Halloween is one yearly occasion that I’m not used to celebrating. I never went Trick or Treating when I was younger, nor have I gone to Halloween parties during my teenage years. ย Back then, it wasn’t as widely celebrated as it is today. I’m not quite sure if I’m crashing a party this year so I haven’t thought of any costumes yet. I did, however, came up with a cutesy Halloween nail (Continue Reading...)

Early Christmas Wishlist

I was strolling around the mall the other day when I heard my first ever Christmas song for this year – “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey.ย It made me smileย knowing that my favorite time of the year is just around the corner. As I walked around, I thought about the things that I’d like to buy myself this Christmas. It sounds too materialistic, but admit it, don’t we all yearn (Continue Reading...)

Moved for the Better

I finally moved to a new blogging platform. It was a long process coming to this decision, but I finally did it and I couldn’t be happier. It’s actually been years since the idea of moving my blog to WordPress dawned on me, but the thought of going through the process of migrating and hosting puts me off. For one, I am not a technical person. Sure, I know a thing or two about basic html and css coding, (Continue Reading...)