Manicure Mondays: Floral Clutter

Here’s something I’ve realized – I am at my most productive when the weather is cold and gloomy. I say this because it has been raining since the beginning of June and I have accomplished a lot of things, even more than I did during the summer season. I deal better with stress when it’s cold, and so I am able to clear off my mind easily and tick off more things from my to-do list. Are you li (Continue Reading...)

Nail Art:Spring Summer Floral

My camera is almost dying. I accidentally dropped it last week and since then, it’s been acting up really crazy. It can’t seem to properly focus even if I take pictures under extremely good lighting condition. So yes, do forgive the photos below if they appear a little blurry. Anyway, I just want to quickly show you this nail art I created yesterday. Summer (or spring in some parts of the world) is (Continue Reading...)

Nail Art Hack: How to DIY Nail Art Stickers

Here’s a not-so secret that I wanted to share with you ladies, especially those who are into nail art. Ever wondered how you can cheat on creating your own design without actually painting it on to your nails? Yup, I’ve been and still am there. If you can’t flick your wand and magically create designs on your nails, then here’s a bright idea: DIY Nail Art Stickers! Nope, this isn’t on (Continue Reading...)

Valentines Nail Art: Romantic Rose

Hi ladies! Are you looking forward to a romantic date with your special someone this Valentine’s Day? I’m not, but  in a good way. See, I have always been under the impression that Valentine’s is just an ordinary day with a fancy name (No offense, St. Valentine). I mean, it doesn’t make any sense dedicating just a single day to celebrate love, does it? Do we really have to wait fo (Continue Reading...)
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