5 Things to Know About Make Your Own Havaianas 2016

Summer is here and that only means one thing;  it’s Make Your Own Havaianas season once again! If you’re looking forward to getting your own customized MYOH pair this year, here are five things you need to know:  1. MYOH is now on its 11th year and it remains to be the biggest flip flops customization event in the country. 2. This year, Havaianas goes back to its roots , the Zori –  a flat (Continue Reading...)

Old Rose Wedding Ensemble

I recently attended a lovely wedding. The couple were sweethearts for 13 long years before they finally decided to tie the knot. Theirs was a story of High School Puppy love that evolved into something solid and genuine – a kind of love that most of us long for. My husband and I were invited to be their wedding’s candle sponsors and we couldn’t be happier. Here’s the look I wore during the w (Continue Reading...)

OOTD: Teal Kicks

I rarely overthink my outfits whenever I travel. Most of the time, I just grab whatever my grubby hands could reach. Such is the case with my recent escapade to Cebu. I packed the night before my flight and in my mind, I thought I shoved my trusty Chuck Taylors, only to find out that I actually brought my running shoes with me. Don’t get me wrong, I do wear my running shoes for errands and mall strolling. Bu (Continue Reading...)

Wishlist: Denim Shorts

zaful denim shorts
Denim shorts are and will always be a staple in my closet.  They’re my default outfit of choice whenever the situation doesn’t call for fancy clothes. They’re fuss-free and can be paired with almost anything. Recently, I’ve been hunting down new denim shorts to pack in my luggage for my upcoming trips. I found some pretty good pairs online that I’m tempted to purchase just like th (Continue Reading...)
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