Pink Highlights Hair Makeover by Buddy Congson

All my life, I have always been conservative when it comes to coloring my hair. The loudest hair color I’ve ever gotten was an Auburn shade that only peek through when its hit by sunlight. I’ve never tried bleaching my hair and I don’t have any plans (at least for now). However, I must admit, I’ve always wanted to have pink hair. I have no idea where this strong desire came from, but I know I badly wanted to try it at least once in my life. And so I did, albeit in the most subtle way.

Before the makeover

The truth is, I wanted to go all out, but my husband was against it. He’s more protective of my hair than I do myself, and that’s saying a lot because as I’ve said, I also have reservations of my own. Anyway, to make both ends meet, I settled for  pink highlights, thanks to the magical hands of Buddy Congson.

Check out this video for the complete hair transformation. 

I may not have gotten the all out pink hair I wanted, but I am honestly happy with how my hair turned out. It’s something different, but still reflects my style and personality. I love it!


Once again, thank you so much Buddy Congson for Hairs and Nails Salon for my awesome hair makeover!


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