EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick – A Drugstore Gem

I like how Philippine drugstore brands are really stepping up their game when it comes to cosmetics. Take the EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick for example. For only 180PHP a pop, you’ll be stunned at how this product can rival imported brands at a fraction of a price.

I chanced upon these babies during an emergency trip to Watsons, Gaisano Mall. I was rushing inside the store to grab some wet wipes and as soon as I entered, my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of these eye candies.

The store had three shades at that time, but I only grabbed two – Chocolate Truffle and Jet Setter. The next day, I went to SM Lanang and found six available shades. I was planning to get Cashmere Blush because it looked pretty on the swatches going around Instagram, but when I finally had the chance to swatch it, I realized I already have something similar to it. I went for Soft Cinnamon instead which is a lovely, cool toned red with hints of pink undertone – a perfect shade for when you want to wear red but don’t want to go all out.

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Tried this product yet? What’s your favorite shade? 

Julie Alontaga is the Beauty Content Creator and Editor of As Told By Julz. She works as a VA-SEO Specialist for a Web Development Company based in Australia. When she's not at work, she spends her free time binge watching movies and TV series, reading books, cooking/baking, or playing SIMS 4.

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