Fad or Fave: Daiso Makeup Sponge

Before anything else, Happy New Year, loves! I can’t believe it’s already 2017. Everything is flying by so quickly that I am reminded to do the most out of every single day. As always, I don’t have New Year resolutions, but I do have goals that hopefully, I’d be able to fulfill before the year ends.

Speaking of goals, one of my goals this year is to blog more than I did the previous year. During the last few months of 2016, I got really busy that my blogging momentum somehow plummeted. But this year, I want to blog more often and focus on creating more useful content that could help make your decision making easier when it comes to purchasing beauty products.

That said, I’m going to add a new section in this blog called “Fad or Fave”. Here, I’ll talk about trending and highly raved products that are either too cheap or too expensive. In this way, I hope I’d be able to help you decide whether these products actually really work and are worth buying.

daiso makeup sponge

Daiso makeup sponge

So, for today’s fad or fave, we have the Daiso Makeup Sponge (88php or $2). If you’re a frequent shopper at Daiso/Saizen, then you’ve probably seen these colorful beauty sponges. They come in varying shapes that are very much reminiscent of the original Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

These beauty sponges are soft, squishy, and do not feel rubbery at all. The material is porous so it does absorb water quite well, allowing the sponges to expand. Case in point:

daiso beauty sponge
Left: Dry | Right: Damp

One thing that I really like is that, they do blend out foundation and other liquid bases seamlessly. They create a flawless finish and zero creasing, granting that you work your way into buffing out the foundation. But the good thing is, it’s easy to blend your makeup base in a jiffy with these makeup sponges. I also use them to pick up loose setting powder for when I’m baking my face and they work just as good.

Another good thing is that, these  do not bleed at all even during the first wash. That was actually one of my concerns since these are brightly colored, but I was happy to find out that there’s no color bleeding at all. That’s good because you can be sure that there are no other color mixing in with your foundation when you do your makeup.

Is it worth buying?

Well, I have five of these in my makeup drawer (sorry, not sorry), need I say more? They’re cheap and they work. If you’re on a budget and looking for an affordable beauty sponge, I would highly recommend the Daiso makeup sponge. I mean, it’s 88 pesos a pop, you have nothing to lose!

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