Mint in Boracay

This has been a long time coming, but I went on a mission to finally fulfill one of the items in my travel bucket list. It took me a while to book a trip to Boracay, because to be quite honest, I’ve been discouraged. We know how the story goes – the island is too mainstream, overcrowded, and very much commercialized.

I’ve always preferred serene and uncrowded beaches, but the thought of visiting the White Beach keeps haunting me that I finally scheduled it in my 2016 To-Do list. Just for the heck of it, I told myself. But boy was I glad I took the trip. Because even despite the not-so-good stories, Boracay truly deserves the attention the world is generously giving it.


That kind of Mint

We picked the worst possible date to visit the island as it was constantly raining the entire time we were there. I took advantage of the good lighting to get some decent photos when the sun decided to show up. I only brought one cover up with me, but it turned out to be the perfect outfit to sport in a picturesque island such as Boracay.

Cover up: Sasa | Bikini: Sasa | Sunglasses: Sunnies

I tried to shy away from the usual white, cream, and beige cover up. Instead, I went for a mint colored one. I love how the color stood out even though it looked liked I was almost blending in with the sea (which I don’t mind, by the way).

Flipflops: Havaianas

I love how dainty it is and the fact that it is in one of my favorite colors is such a sweet indulgence. Also,  I really love how it accentuates my tan and how it just slides off the shoulder to show a bit of skin. I snagged this from SaSa for, I think 799php, if my memory serves me right.


October isn’t the best time to visit the island because of the constant rain. I came there to chase the well-raved Boracay sunset. I waited for three days for a beautiful golden sunset, but it never showed up.

Being touristy with one of the Boracay sand castles at Station 1

Nonetheless, I was still able to enjoy walking along the White Beach and appreciating its beauty. I’m glad that I decided to push through with this trip despite my lack of better judgment. Yes, it is overcrowded (even at off-peak season), but the truth is, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve laid my eyes on.

I left Boracay knowing that I will soon be back to chase that elusive sunset!<3

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