6 Reasons Why You Should Include Aloe Vera Gel in Your Skin and Hair Care Arsenal

Aloe Vera has been around for ages catering to different uses that benefit the skin, hair and overall health. Less than a year ago, I introduced Aloe Vera Gel into my skin care arsenal and it has been a game changer since. I bought the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel at Althea Korea for the sole purpose of using it as my daytime moisturizer, but soon enough, I’ve discovered that it’s more than just a lightweight skin hydrator.


Here are 6 uses of Aloe Vera Gel that you might find beneficial:

A lightweight moisturizer – I use it mainly as my daytime skin moisturizer. Even though I am just at home, I still see to it that I keep my skin hydrated. It can get really humid in our house, especially in the dead hours of the afternoon, so I make sure my skin is protected and well hydrated. I find that this lightweight gel keeps my skin supple and interestingly less oily throughout the day.

Burn Remedy – I cook a lot of fried food. I know, I know! It’s such a bad habit, but my husband loves pork chop! Anyway, we all know that frying can sometimes be a pain. Whenever I get oil burns, I immediately apply the gel over the affected area to soothe the pain. This works on sunburns, too!

Eye Makeup Remover – One time I wore this waterproof mascara from Max Factor. While it made my lashes flutter in beauty, cleansing and wiping it off was so frustrating. At that time, I ran out of my usual eye makeup remover and all I had was the aloe vera gel. I tried putting it on a cotton pad, pressed it to my eye for a couple of seconds, and prayed for a miracle. Lo and behold, the bad boy waterproof mascara came off! It did sting a bit though, but nothing that a quick water rinse didn’t fix.

aloe vera gel

Shaving Cream – This is a no-brainer and I actually did not think twice using it as a shaving cream. Aloe vera is slimy and slippery, making it a perfect agent to apply on your legs before shaving. It does leave your skin smooth and supple. The only downside is, it’s so lightweight it gets absorbed quickly. So you better work fast before it completely dries up, or else, you’ll have a scratchy shaving experience.

Hair Mask –  When I was younger, I had what my mom thought was alopecia (hair balding). What she didn’t know, it was just me pulling out my hair for nothing. I remember my mom used real aloe vera to my bald spot as it was believed to help in hair growth. It did work and soon enough, the bald spot was gone. Remembering that experience, I tried using the aloe vera gel as a hair mask. There was no noticeable hair growth because I wasn’t really bald in the first place. But I did notice that it added shine and gloss to my hair.

Face Mask – I’m a face mask junkie and I do treat my skin to a night of face mask pampering at least twice a week. On days when I want to save up on using sheet masks (because these things are expensive), I use aloe vera gel instead. I put a thick layer of it on my skin and put one of those dry rolled up sheet masks over it. Works like a charm!

My skin after 10 minutes of Aloe Vera Gel mask pampering.
My skin after 10 minutes of Aloe Vera Gel mask pampering. Glowing!

How about you? How do you use Aloe Vera gel?

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