Falling in Love with the City Color Contour Effects Palette

I have never been so dependent on contouring as much as I am today. Before, I would just sweep a peachy brown blusher on my cheeks and I’m good to go. But now, I’m all about contouring. It has definitely become an integral part of my makeup routine, thanks to our girl Kim K. I do have quite a few contour products in my tiny stash, but one that I’ve been constantly reaching out for is the City Color Contour Effects Palette that I got from BeautyMNL

The Lowdown

This palette comes in a thin cardboard box that’s light and flimsy. I’m not a big fan of the packaging as I feel like it’s too vulnerable. Instead of a mirror in the flap, you’ll see an instructional guide on how to properly apply each product; perfect for contouring newbies! It has all the basics you need for contouring. You have the contour and  bronzing powder, as well as a highlighter.  The powders are smooth, slightly chalky but easy to blend. Although I would say, they are not well pressed on the pan.

Case in point: I accidentally dropped the palette while rushing to do my makeup. The highlighter crumbled as soon as the palette hit the floor. There’s still a few products left on the pan though. The bronzer also cracked a bit, but I managed to fix it with alcohol. 

city color contour effects palette
When it was still beautiful and pristine.

Nonetheless, I love that the powders are super pigmented and how the shades compliment my yellow skin tone quite well. The contour and bronzing powders are both matte, while the highlighter has a subtle sheen to it. I was really happy to see that the contour powder is matte since it looks more natural when applied. The powders are pretty long lasting, especially if you also have a solid, long wearing base.

Ganito daw mag contour, mga beh!

Quick Fact: I used to think that contour and bronzing powders are one and the same, only to realize that they have different functions. A contour powder is used to define your features or hide the areas you want to recede. That is why contour products are usually matte because you really don’t want attention to where you apply it. A bronzer, on the other hand, gives warmth and glow to the skin, which explains why most, if not all, bronzers often have shimmer to it. 

City Color Contour Effects Palette Swatch

Contour – Bronzer – Highlighter

Contour – Medium brown shade with neutral undertone. I love that it doesn’t look muddy on my morena skintone.

Bronzer – Warm brown shade that has a slight copper undertone. It doesn’t have any sheen to it, but it still does warm up the skin for you to achieve that bronzed look.

Highlighter – A white powder that has a tad bit shimmer to it. You can’t really identify the sheen on my hand swatch, but once you put it on the cheeks, you’ll see a subtle glow that looks quite nice.

Pak! Ganern!

Here’s what it looks on me.  You can see that the contour powder is not too warm, which is something that I quite prefer. I applied the highlighter on the highest point of my cheekbones. See how it gives a soft, dewy glow? Love it! I also dabbed a little bit of the bronzer on the apple of my cheeks to warm them up a little bit.

Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend the City Color Contour Effects Palette to anyone who’s just starting out with contouring. Although the intense pigmentation of the contour powder is a little bit tricky to work with at first, you’ll easily get by with the right tool and constant practice. This palette is super affordable (450php)  and you get three full-sized products. You can’t really beat that!

city color contour effects palette


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