Onitsuka Tiger and My Sneakers Love Affair

There’s a reason why I’m not a fashion blogger. For one, I’m not exactly adventurous with my choice of shoes and clothes. I’m all for casual, chill, laid back; anything that would allow me to move freely without worrying about wardrobe malfunction.  If I were to summarize my personal style, it can be downsized into three things – plain tees, tattered shorts and sneakers (or flip flops). It’s my default #OOTD when I’m just out to do errands or hang out with friends. It can’t be argued, really. Sneakers are God’s gift to mankind and thankfully, there are trusty shoe brands out there that feed the needs of sneaker-loving freaks like myself. Enter Onitsuka Tiger.

Did you know?

Onitsuka Tiger is Japan’s first sports shoe brand. It was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949.  It began with a commitment to promote youth health , and has gone on to play a part in most major Olympics Games. The famous Tiger stripes are synonymous with sporting triumph. The legend lives on today in the fusion of Japanese Heritage and contemporary design, as the spirit of Onitsuka Tiger is highly reflected in each collection of unique shoes, apparel and

Who Wears Onitsuka Tiger?

This world renowned shoe brand is worn by people from all walks of life including celebrities and royalties  like Michael Strahan, Emma Watson, and Prince William. And look, even the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte was seen sporting a classic Serrano Pair!

onitsuka tiger duterte

Onitsuka Tiger Now in Davao!

Years ago, I can only dream of having my own pair of Serranos. But not anymore, as Onitsuka Tiger recently opened their first store in Davao City. I was invited during their soft opening and I spotted a few eye candies. I guess I know now what I’m going to get myself this Christmas! 🙂

ultimate 81 serrano

onitsuka tiger davao
Members of the Davao Bloggers Society with Dane Rillo of Onitsuka Tiger Davao

Follow Onitsuka Tiger Davao  or visit them at 2F Abreeza Mall, Davao City (near Max’s Restaurant)

onitsuka tiger davao social media










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