Got a Fab Hair Makeover at Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis

I’ve always been the apprehensive type when it comes to my hair. I easily get agitated by the thought of having a drastic hair change. Lighter color, chopped tresses, chemical hair treatments – these give me chills down my spine. Seriously. It takes me months to decide whether I should get a new hair cut or color.

hair philosophie by jing monis

Just recently, Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis invited me for a day of hair pampering. I was surprised that I immediately said yes to this invitation, given that the services they offered included hair cut, color, and treatment. Okay, that’s a lie. I said yes right away because it’s Jing Monis’ salon. The Jing Monis. Renowned hair stylist to the stars like kaye Abad, Phoemela Baranda, and IT Girls Georgina Wilson and Anne Curtis. I mean, who doesn’t want to be pampered like a celebrity, right?

hair before makeover
Here’s my hair, pre-makeover. It looks flat and limp because I just had a shower. IKR? Who in the world washes her hair before going to a salon appointment? Oh yeah, me. 

It was a lovely Sunday morning. I woke up early for my 12nn appointment. After filling out my client card, I was ushered to a seat and was introduced to my stylist, Rich Chua. He asked me what I wanted, and me being undecided,  blurted out “I just want to keep it long with a bit of body”. To which he replied “Okay ma’am. Ako na ang bahala (just leave it to me).” 

rich chua
Rich Chua (@richleechua on IG) doing his magic on my tresses.

My 3-hour hair makeover included Hair Color and Cut with Macadamia Deep Repair Mask Treatment. I’ve never sat on a salon chair for more than an hour in my entire life, so this was a first. Thank God for my Portable WiFi device and free flowing food, I survived!

jing monis
The hair color I chose was Wella Illumina Dark Ash Cendre Blonde. It didn’t turn out as light as I expected it to be, but then again, I have super dark hair to begin with. Still, I think the color looks gorgeous.

This is how my new shiny hair looked like after the pampering session. Rich’s assistant gave me an awesome volumizing blow dry with an added flair. Love the soft and bouncy curls she created. The hair cut turned out to be exactly how I wanted  – long with a lovely layered effect. I was impressed that I didn’t have to give a lot of instructions on what kind of hairstyle I want to achieve, because honestly, I wouldn’t know what to say anyway. So, kudos to Rich for that!

hair makeover

I was also absolutely in love with the Macadamia treatment. My hair became super soft and bouncy, I couldn’t help but touch it. What’s even more impressive is that the softness lasted even after several washes.

curled hair
Tried to curl my hair the next day! Love it! 🙂

Hair Philosophie is a bit on the pricier side, but for a good reason. I believe it’s well worth-it to pay more for a hair makeover you will never regret. After all, it’s your crowning glory. It’s only fitting to give it a pampering fit for a royalty. Am I right?

Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis is located at 2F Corporate Center (BPO Wing) Abreeza Mall, davao City. 

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