Manicure Mondays: Gabrini Multivitamin Nail Polish

I was lurking around Facebook yesterday when I stumbled upon:


I couldn’t help but chuckle because it’s true, right? Sometimes, the universe is just isn’t on our side! #GirlProblems. Personally, I don’t mind stepping out of the house without glitz and glam written all over me. As long as I look presentable – even only with my white shirt , tattered shorts, and trusty flip flops – I’m good to go. But just like the illustration above, there are days when I wish I took my dress up game a notch higher after bumping to people who are #goals. Thankfully, there are nifty things we could use to cheat a boring outfit ; well-combed hair, bright lips, or even nicely painted nails.

Speaking of nicely painted nails, I recently got my hands on a nail polish brand that’s new to me – Gabrini Multivitamin. Fancy name, eh? I’ve never heard of them until my mother-in-law gave me a few bottles last December. From their website, I learned that Gabrini  is a Turkish brand with a range of products including  perfumes. makeup, and nail polishes.

gabrini nail polish

I currently have six Gabrini nail polishes with me, but I am missing one bottle in the picture because I can’t seem to find it.


I had high expectations on these nail polishes, to be quite honest.  From experience, I realized that imported nail polishes are truly worlds apart from our local brands – in all aspects. But while some of the shades I have are underwhelming, I could tell you now that the formula is a joy to work with.

Consistency is spot on. It glides on smoothly on the nails with zero bubbles or streaks; although this could depend on the way you apply polish on your nails. Two thin coats will give you smooth and full color intensity. I would say the formula is comparable to their US counterparts such as Orly, Essie, and OPI.


They seem to have a wide array of shades coming from different collections. Some of the shades I have are quite underwhelming as I find them highly dupable. But, I did find a gem that I don’t quite have in my collection just yet.

gabrini multivitamin

Another thing to note is that the shades do not have names. Anyone else got disappointed by that? Ha! I knew it! These two are simply numbered 338 and 356 respectively and I believe they are from the permanent line. Merely looking at the bottles, you can already tell there’s a whole bunch of dupes out there.

gabrini 356
Dressed it up a bit with some glitters. Can you tell the inspiration behind this nail art? ‘Let it go, let it go’! Uy, kinanta nya! =p

gabrini summer collection

This one from the Summer Edition line is called M 108 – a seagreen shade with a luster finish. I actually have a close dupe of this from L.A. Colors called Sea Siren, but I wouldn’t mind adding this to my collection. I love anything that belongs to this color family – teal, mint, sea foam green. Name it!

gabrini shine colors

These two from the Shine Colors collection has the loveliest finish out of the bottles I have. The blue one (S12) is a bright blue shade that has quite a retro feel to it. While the burgundy (S11) is my absolute favorite out of the bunch. I don’t think I have anything quite like it in my collection. It’s a true burgundy shade that’s universally flattering and it is truly lovely in all angles. I used it for three straight weeks last December just because the season called for it! =)

gabrini S11
Don’t mind the messy application. Just focus in the shade. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!


As what I mentioned earlier, these nail polishes are highly dupable. I’m certain you can find a close dupe for each of these (except for the burgundy) at a relatively cheap price (cost for each Gabrini nail polish bottle starts at £2.99 or 205php). But the real deal with these nail colors is great formula. It applies really well on the nails, resulting to cleaner, professional looking nails. Plus, it is fairly long lasting. Without top coat,  these last for 6 to 7 days with little to no chipping.


So yeah, these are good stuff and I’m happy to welcome them in my stash.

How about you? What’s your recent nail polish discovery?

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