Watercolor Lettering Workshop with April San Pedro and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I had to wake up early last Saturday to attend The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2015 Holiday Launch. Normally, I would just stay in bed the entire Saturday morning watching Suits or Sex and the City, flipping through a few chapters of my current read, maybe practicing some guitar drills, or simply soaking myself in doing absolutely nothing. This time though, I was excited to get up because 1.) I get to have brunch with my blogger friends, and 2.) I get to attend my first ever watercolor lettering workshop.


Truth is, I have been meaning to attend a calligraphy workshop since the beginning of the year. It’s actually one of the mini-goals I’ve listed for 2015. I should’ve attended these type of workshops early on, but life happened! I have been practicing on my own though, thanks to YouTube, but I crave for more. So when I learned that there will be a watercolor lettering workshop during the CBTL 2015 Holiday Launch event, I was stoked.

The workshop was conducted by April San Pedro –  a graphic designer,  crafter and barista based in Davao City. She walked us through the basics of watercolor lettering – from what paints and brush to use, how to hold the brush properly,  how much pressure is needed to create thick and thin lines, and the different ‘fonts’ used in modern calligraphy. We were given ample time to do lettering drills, which I definitely enjoyed.

water color lettering

We were asked to apply what we learned by writing a power word and the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Love’. As cheesy as it may sound, but that day, I was a big pile of love and I just had to write it down. They also asked us to upload our works on Instagram. Luckily, my power word was chosen as one of the top three art creations from all the attendees! 🙂

power word
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The next day, I took my Prang watercolor set and #5 Berkeley synthetic brush for a spin. My hand is still shaky that’s why my lines aren’t crisp as I want them to be, but hey, I have come a long way.

watercolor lettering


watercolor calligraphy
Insert “Mrs. ” 😛


Current Mantra 🙂

There you go. I hope you were inspired by this post to do more of what makes you happy, practice and acquire new skills, and fulfill your bucket list no matter how long it takes.

As for me,  that’s one goal off the list! 🙂


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