Review: GT Cosmetics Papaya Lotion with SPF 40

Have you been to our local beauty department stores lately? Have you seen all the new products coming out week after week?  It makes me happy to see that more and more local brands are stepping up their game to be at par with the biggest players on the market today. When I ventured into beauty blogging a few years ago, I noticed there weren’t a lot of reviews on local brands. It made me wonder, because even before I started this beauty blog, I’ve already been a huge fan of local products. I’ve always believed that Philippine made products have a lot to offer, and so I’ve always tried to put the spotlight on them as much as I can. Enter GT Cosmetics.

gt cosmetics papaya lotion spf 40

I’m an avid user of GT Cosmetics carrot soap, especially during my acne phase. The product worked so well in managing my acne scars and it doesn’t hurt that it’s gentle on the budget.  So when their PR company offered to send me some of their products, of course, I couldn’t say no.

Today, I’m putting the spotlight on GT Cosmetics Papaya Lotion 3-in-1 Whitening Formula with SPF 40 (that’s quite a mouthful!). 


Packaging is simple and straightforward. It comes in a squeeze tube packaging, with a size that’s perfect for travelling. One thing I really liked is the seal of freshness – it may be a small detail, but such effort gives me  peace of mind that the product is fresh and unused.

gt cosmetics lotion


I was expecting it to have a strong scent just like the carrot soap, but surprisingly, it has a subtle powdery papaya scent. I honestly prefer lightly scented lotions because I’m a perfume monster and I hate it when the scent of a lotion counteracts with my perfume.

gt papaya lotion


The product itself is light and airy; almost like a mousse.  The formula is emollient but not tacky, which I really like. It has SPF 40, making it perfect for our tropical weather. It also contains collagen, which is known to help delay the signs of skin aging.


gt cosmetics


I love that the product is easily absorbed by the skin. If there’s one thing I hate about body moisturizers, it’s the fact that some of them tend to be too thick that it takes forever to absorb.  Some even just sit on top of your skin and eventually turn you into a big ball of sticky mess (eek!). With GT Cosmetics Papaya Lotion though, it only takes less than a minute to sip through your skin. I love how it leaves my skin soft and silky smooth. As with most papaya-based products, this lotion claims to have a 3-in-1 whitening formula. I couldn’t vouch for its whitening effect yet as I’ve only been using the product for a little over a week.


It’s a  good product that I wouldn’t mind repurchasing. I love the subtleness of the scent and how it softens my skin without feeling tacky.  I also like that the size is travel friendly. This will be handy for my upcoming trip later this year.

gt costmetics papaya lotion
Pardon my flaky fingers. I’ve been playing too much with my guitar! 😛


How about you? What’s your favorite lotion?

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