Nouvelle Philippines Spring Summer Collection Launch

I’m very protective of my hair. I don’t know what it is, but I get all sorts of paranoia just thinking about letting my tresses undergo any form of hair treatment. I mean, sure, I’ve done DIY hair color before and I’ve permed my hair once (which I dreadfully regret, by the way), but that’s just about it. I’m not very experimental with my hair simply because I’m happy with the way it looks – straight, black brown, sometimes shampoo commercial perfect, oftentimes boring. Also, I’m scared of my hair drying out and getting brittle.

Recently though, I’ve been thinking of having a major hair makeover. In less than a month, I’d be standing on the last page of my 20’s. I want to experiment while I still can so that I can peacefully turn a year older without regrets. That’s why when I received an invitation to the launching of Nouvelle Philippines’ Spring Summer Collection here in Davao, I did not hesitate.

Nouvelle Philippines 

Nouvelle is a well-known brand that’s popular for their natural and botanical made products. They claim to have the mildest and the only “PPD (P-phenylenediamine) free” permanent hair color cream, styling products, and hair care treatments.

P-phenylenediamine is a chemical commonly used in hair dyes. It is a strong allergen known to cause contract dermatitis and bronchial asthma. Yikes! I surely wouldn’t want even a tiny bit of that touching my hair!

Moving on. The event took place at the Pinnacle Suites, Davao. Around 30 of Davao’s finest hairdressers gathered together to showcase different hair colors and trendy hair styles using Nouvelle Products. I’m glad they did, because I managed to snag some hair color ideas that would look good on me, if indeed I decide to color my hair.

Brand Ambassador Valerie Concepcion and a DJ from Davao (Sorry, I forgot his name)  hosted the event. 

Below are some of the cut and hair colors showcased that night

This cut is called Shout – a fun and loud haircut in different purple hues.

Here we have Talk – a haircut inspired by confidence and free willingness. The hair color is called Organic Copper. Love the hairstyle, but the color is too loud for my liking.

Whisper or Long Bob is definitely my favorite as it’s very on-trend  and I’m actually thinking of cutting my hair this short soon. I love the hair color as well. I wasn’t able to get the name of the shade, but I really do like it. I think it’s very flattering for morenas like me.

The event was also graced by Nouvelle’s Creative and Technical Ambassador, Laura Charlton. She is a veteran international Hair Stylist & Beauty Therapist with 14 years of experience in all aspects of hairdressing and beauty therapy from top salons in UK, China, and The Philippines.  She demoed a pixie cut on one of the models.

I love her. I can tell she’s a really good hairdresser. She’s very smart, friendly, and funny. Oh, and did I mention she’s very fluent in Bisaya? I would love for her to do my hair makeover! 🙂

Do you guys have any recos on what hair color would suit a morena like me? 

Julie Alontaga is the Beauty Content Creator and Editor of As Told By Julz. She works as a VA-SEO Specialist for a Web Development Company based in Australia. When she's not at work, she spends her free time binge watching movies and TV series, reading books, cooking/baking, or playing SIMS 4.

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