NOTD: Be Radiant (Sweet Lilac)

A brand new year is upon us and this means, we are once again given the chance to have a clean slate and start anew. It’s that time of the year where we sit down, think back, and look ahead – a.k.a listing down our goals/resolutions that we want to achieve in the next 12 months. I, myself, have begun listing down my mini-goals and big goals. 
One of my mini goals this year is to “be radiant”. I am not getting any younger. Everyday challenges are quite eager to take me down, and more often than not, these challenges take its toll not only on my skin, but to my overall health as well. This year, I promise myself to look after my health not only by doing regular exercises (which I have religiously practiced since October of last year), but also being cautious with what I put inside my body. I want to achieve a youthful glow that transcends from the inside. This calls for more fruits & veggies, and of course, the good old water therapy. This isn’t a problem for me though because I love eating my greens. I’ve also cut down (relevantly, if I may add) my caffeine and soda consumption. With all the festivities during the holidays, I never took even one sip of soda! Yay for me! 
But…this post isn’t about my diet; pardon the long introduction. Today, I just wanna quickly show the nail polish I wore upon welcoming the new year. 
If you don’t already know, Radiant Orchid is the official color of the year for 2014. Pantone describes it as a fusion of purple and fuchsia with pink undertone. I was hunting for the perfect Radiant Orchid color as seen on the Pantone website, but to no avail. Thus, I settled for this lilac shade with pink undertone from Sassy Colors called Sweet Lilac. 

The photo is washing the color out but it’s actually more purple in person. I’m not a fan of anything purple, lilac, lavender, or anything along those hues, but I love how this pretty shade makes my fingers extra radiant. It’s also very feminine – the kind that makes you feel pretty, if you know what I mean. =)
And that’s that. How about you? Have listed your goals already? I’d love to hear about them! =)

P.S: How do you like my new layout? I used a new theme but made it as close to how it looked before to keep visual recall. I’m not yet done though, but what do you think about it, so far? 

Julie Alontaga is the Beauty Content Creator and Editor of As Told By Julz. She works as a VA-SEO Specialist for a Web Development Company based in Australia. When she's not at work, she spends her free time binge watching movies and TV series, reading books, cooking/baking, or playing SIMS 4.


  1. Rae A.
    January 6, 2014

    How do you make it so neat without removing the cuticles? It looks so neat!

  2. Julie Ann Tolentino
    January 6, 2014

    It looks neat? I was having second thoughts nga eh whether I should cut my cuticles or not, but decided to just leave them be. Kasi when I cut them, the skin around my nails flake like crazy. Hahah

    Uhmm..I've gotten into the habit of using hand cream almost every hour (or atleast everytime my skin feels dry). I also use cuticle oil after taking a bath, and before I take photos. Maybe that's why. =)


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