Swatches and Capsule Review: OMG Nail Colors + Musings on Nail Polish Toxins

Did you know that some nail polishes contain harmful chemicals such as DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) and Toluene that can trigger asthma attacks and short-term intoxication? Did you also know that some nail hardeners contain formaldehyde? These are the “Big 3” toxic chemicals that you need to avoid in nail polishes. 

The Big Three

When I learned about these chemicals, I was not convinced that they’re “that” harmful. I mean, they can’t be that bad, right? Besides, I’ve never heard any incident where someone died just by painting her nails. Then again, it’s impossible to ignore this kind of information, especially because it’s health we’re talking about here. So I played detective and did my research. Here’s what I learned:
DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) – A chemical used to make extra-flexible plastics such as plastic wraps and shower curtains. Its role in nail polishes is to prevent cracks and chips on freshly-painted nails. DBP is not considered carcinogenic, but it’s been linked to several reproductive issues in pregnant women. It can also trigger asthma attacks. 
Toluene – A solvent that binds nail polish together, making it easy to apply. It’s commonly used in the production of paints, pharmaceuticals, and rubber. It usually causes dizziness and short-term intoxication. 
I’ve actually experienced this before, but not with a nail polish. It was a nail polish solvent that dilutes nail lacquers with thick consistency. One whiff of it made me really dizzy, I could almost puke. Que horror! 
Formaldehyde – This chemical does not exist in nail colors, but they are rather present in nail hardeners. It’s a type of resin that makes the polish tough and chip-resistant. Formaldehyde is known as a human carcinogen that has been connected to lung cancer. Plus, we all know where this is often used, right? Corpse, anyone? 
Without a doubt, these are positively harmful chemicals that may pose potential threat to our health. I’ve also read somewhere that these chemicals are responsible for yellowing nails. Ever since I’ve read about the Big 3, I’ve been very conscious on the choice of nail polishes that I buy. However, I cannot say that everything I use are free from these chemicals, since some brands do not really indicate if their product contains any of the  toxins mentioned above. But then, would they even dare to mention that? Maybe not. 
Whew, that was such a long segue, but I thought I’d share this knowledge to you because I know we all want nothing but goodness for our health. Anyway, the real point of this blog post is to share to you this nail polish brand called OMG (OH My Golly) by Klik, which claims to be Toluene and DBP Free.
I’ve learned about OMG last January when I was hunting for an emerald-colored nail polish shade for New Year. It was a pretty, glittery nail polish that I bought on impulse since I fell in love with the color. It was only when I got home and started painting my nails when I noticed that it’s actually Toluene and DBP Free. Since then, I have been constantly buying different shades from the brand. 


OMG Nail Colors come in an array of shades and finishes. I actually like their selection of colors as they are not cheap-looking, if that makes sense. One thing I have noticed though is, that these polishes have a runny consistency. They pool around the sides of your nails that’s quite tedious to clean up. This proves that they’re indeed Toluene free because the formula is very fluid. They’re also very streaky, but still manageable when you use thin strokes. I usually layer three thin strokes for me to achieve my desired opacity. They dry fairly quick, too. And the best thing about these polishes other than they’re Toluene and DBP Free? They’re only 18php a pop at Watsons. 


I currently have 6 OMG Nail Colors in my stash (the emerald green is not included, but you can see the swatch here). I swatched five of them for your taking:

Champagne is a two-toned, frosty light pink shade with mirco-shimmers and purple undertone. It’s a lovely and sweet color perfect for weddings or romantic dates. It’s a pretty shade, but it’s not my kind of thing. 

Naked is a neutral beige color that flatters morena skintone. It has bits of tiny glitters that are not so obvious. This is my second favorite out of the bunch because it makes my hands look “mayaman (rich)”. Haha! 

Prom Queen is a lilac shade that I think would look best on fair-skinned ladies. I’m not usually fond of pastel colors, but I like how sweet and dainty this look on my nails. As the name implies, it’s perfect for teenagers attending prom night. 

Bunny is what I would call a real barbie pink shade. It’s a loud, blue-based pink that’s definitely a scene-stealer. It also has bits of shimmers that are not too obvious. It’s a gorgeous shade, but I feel like it doesn’t flatter my skin very well. It makes the skin surrounding my nails look darker. Or maybe that’s just me not fond of pink nail polishes.

Mojito is a beautiful, teal shade that’s perfect for summer and spring. It’s a plain, opaque color that does not have micro-shimmers. It’s actually my favorite shade out of the bunch. Suprisingly, this is quite easy to apply. Still runny and streaky, but very manageable.

While these may not be the best nail polishes there is, I wouldn’t mind purchasing them because they’re cheap and they’re free from toxic chemicals that can harm, not only my nails, but my overall health.
How about you? Have you tried these yet? And what can you say about the Big 3? 
Julie Alontaga is the Beauty Content Creator and Editor of As Told By Julz. She works as a VA-SEO Specialist for a Web Development Company based in Australia. When she's not at work, she spends her free time binge watching movies and TV series, reading books, cooking/baking, or playing SIMS 4.


  1. Jenniya
    July 20, 2013

    I so love the Mojito! 🙂

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. Julie Ann Tolentino
    July 20, 2013

    Me too! So pretty, noh?

  3. Quima
    July 21, 2013

    Sa tinuod Lang nanghita kog barato na nail polish sa Watson's ug Mao ni ako nakita unya okay man diay kayu sya. Tag 18 Lang compared sa uban na 30+ jud.ganahan kau ko. Haha ambi nako mga Bobbie imong tirada. 😀

  4. Julie Ann Tolentino
    July 21, 2013

    Okay ra pud sa akoa ang Bobbie, pero mas ganahan nko ani karon kay safer. Hahah lisod lang siya e apply kay watery kaayo, pero carry lang. Careful lang jud dapat. 🙂

  5. Michelle Grace Magramo
    July 22, 2013

    Mojito looks so pretty sis! 🙂

  6. Julie Ann Tolentino
    July 22, 2013

    Super! The shade looks expensive pa! =)

  7. Rae A.
    August 4, 2013

    Try mo din yung sunny tan, I like it better than naked.

  8. grachelicious
    October 6, 2013

    i want the bunny!!!

  9. rubylina vinuya
    September 14, 2014

    Its true. OMG nail polish is look perfect in my nails I have a lot of collection in OMG nail polish. And I use it for a long time and it haven't a harmful effect on your nails.. try it ��


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